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Did pole dancing originate in India ?? The Ancient art of Mallakhamb might have the answer.

The Ancient art of Mallakhamb

Pole dancing, an athletic and sensual form of dance that has taken the world by storm, has its roots in the ancient Indian practice of Mallakhamb. A dynamic fusion of gymnastics, dance, and traditional Indian wrestling, Mallakhamb has been performed in India for over a thousand years and has been passed down through generations of athletes and performers.

Mallakhamb, which translates to "pole gymnastics," involves a dancer performing a series of acrobatic and gymnastic movements while suspended from a vertical pole or rope. The sport requires a high level of physical strength, flexibility, and grace, and is considered one of the most challenging and demanding forms of performance art.

India’s Hidden Gem

Despite its long history and rich cultural heritage, Mallakhamb has largely remained a hidden gem in the world of dance and gymnastics. However, in recent years, the practice has seen a resurgence in popularity, with pole dancers and gymnasts around the world taking inspiration from this timeless art form.

The beauty of Mallakhamb lies in its ability to combine the grace and fluidity of dance with the strength and athleticism of gymnastics. Performers are able to execute stunning and seemingly impossible feats with a sense of ease and control, captivating audiences with their skill and poise.

Resurgence in India

This artform has seen its resurgence in India in the form of recreational pole dancing and pole fitness. Sthenos fitness, an Chennai based startup manufactures Poles in India taking inspiration from this artfrom. “Our poles are Crafted with precision, inspired by tradition and Proudly Made in India.” says MV, the design mind behind the product at Sthenos.

Poles in everyday spaces

The Poles are not only being adopted in fitness centers but also in offices and co-working spaces around India “ It’s a great addition to our office and it gets our creative juices flowing “ says Karthic Rathinam from Out of the Box . When the pole was first set up in my office I was skeptical about it but now it has become my go-to stress buster in the middle of a busy day “ says Nithiksha , who has a pole set up in her office.

A timeless artform

In a world where the boundaries between dance and gymnastics are often blurred, Mallakhamb stands out as a unique and beautifully crafted form of performance art. With its roots firmly planted in India's rich cultural heritage, this timeless practice continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

So the next time you spin on a pole or witness a pole dancer performing with effortless ease and grace, take a moment to appreciate the rich cultural history that lies at the foundation of this beautiful and dynamic art form. Mallakhamb, the pole gymnastics of India, is a testament to the timeless beauty and power of movement.

You can find out more about the pole on the Sthenos website and see other people try their hand at pole on their Instagram handle @sthenos__



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